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Things to Involve in Home Renovation

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Taking on a whole house renovation is not for the faint of heart. This is a project that many people will have a once in a lifetime experience. This generally means that many owners are in a situation where "you don't know what you don't know". In other words, you will have a general idea that there are many details in it, but you won't have an idea of ​​how many until you start your project.

Fortunately, we've worked with many Bangalore, Karnataka homeowners on all of their home improvement projects and we know how much detail goes into a successful home renovation. We love planning, designing and building our clients' dream constructions, and over the years we've developed a comprehensive home renovation checklist to help our clients better understand the process.

So what general home renovation process should you follow? What types of things should be on your home renovation list? Here are our top tips to help you plan and organize your renovation.

Whole Home Remodelling Steps:

Although this is not an exhaustive checklist, this is a comprehensive home renovation process. Some of these steps can be done simultaneously, but in most cases, the next step in the list cannot be completed until the previous step is completed.

As you're about to start renovating your entire home, here's a step-by-step process:

1. Planning and Design:

This step includes planning your budget, working with your designer and builder to communicate your vision, obtaining building permits and any other planning procedures. The builder will help you at this stage to decide if and when you will want to move during your renovation.

2. Demolition:

You can't build the new without tearing down the old! Demolition can run the gamut from moving old furniture and knocking down a few walls to a full-scale demolition that involves pulling out everything but the main structure from the walls. you.

3. Rebuilding/Framing:

You can't build the new without tearing down the old! Demolition can run the gamut from moving old furniture and knocking down a few walls to a full-scale demolition that involves pulling out everything but the main structure from the walls. you.

4. Mechanicals/Plumbing/HVAC/Electrical:

This season includes everything "behind the scenes" and runs at the same time as restructuring and planning. Basically, anything that needs to go into the floor, wall or ceiling will be finished. This may include some plumbing and electrical repairs or may be a complete renovation or remodelling of your home.

5. Walls:

Once everything is repaired and rebuilt, everything is working where it needs to be, and the insulation is there, and the dry rot can go up. It will need to be taped to the mud, then the mud will need to be dried and cleaned. Once the walls are good, they will be ready for priming, painting or other things. Many contractors like to paint at this stage to avoid leaks or spalling in the end.

6. Flooring:

Not all entrepreneurs are interested in doing this process in this way. Some contractors may wait until all the painting is done and the dust settles before doing the final floor installation. Your builder will discuss this process with you and ensure that it is at the right time of your entire home renovation.

7. Cabinets:

Anything that needs to be "fixed" will be added to your space at this time. Kitchen and bathroom fixtures and fittings will start to come in and you'll really start to see your space come together at this point.

8. Appliances:

Refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers and other appliances are all installed at this time. Your house is probably working fine at this point, although some of the last things are missing.

9. Final Touches/Furniture/Accessories:

This is the stage where all the hard work starts to pay off. The backsplash is installed, the perfect faucet of your choice for the half bath is installed, wallpaper and decor, artwork and furniture are installed.

Your Whole Home Remodel Checklist

Each step above will have its own method of "doing". Finding the right home improvement company can eliminate many of these things from your home inspection list (eg, requesting and submitting permits) and help put your mind at ease. Work with someone who knows the market and understands the details of overseeing the process of a complete home renovation in your town or city. Many laws and requirements change from state to state, so it's important to work with someone who knows these requirements inside and out.

You need to be with someone who truly understands the chaos that home renovations cause in your daily life. These types of companies will make sure to create a plan for you and your family that makes sense and get you back home and living a comfortable life as soon as possible.

Finally, work with a reputable home builder who wants to make sure that your entire home renovation gives you the home of your dreams. They will not rush to the finish line and ensure that all details are completed correctly. Ask your neighbors who they recommend, read reviews, and sit around for advice until you find the right company. This project can be one of the best investments of your life, so make sure it is complete.

Home Renovations and Whole House Remodelling in Bangalore

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