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What’re the Steps for Waterproofing New Terraces?

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Waterproofing is a remedy most of us are familiar with. However, sometimes we underestimate it by considering it as an unnecessary expense. And looking at the current situation, this blog will explain the importance of covering fresh water. What we want to explain here is that whenever you build a house, you have to carefully and carefully take care of all the important things, and waterproofing is one of them. Many people overlook waterproofing services as something that is not important. But when you're faced with a rainy season, you'll think you'll have to change. Well, instead of recycling, isn't it better to go while building? Yes, isn't it? So let's find out how to make waterproofing of a new seat, why it is important that a professional can help you with it.

Importance Of Terrace Waterproofing

Simply put, new Terrace waterproofing is important because it prevents your Terrace and roof from leaking during the monsoon. Not only is it waterproof, it protects your home from

any unwanted drains or leaks and extends the life of your painting for years to come. It prevents water from escaping through the cervixes at the roof.

The waterproofing of the terrace is an important part of the structure, and should not be avoided in vain. This should be done to avoid Leakage problems later. If you can't decide which is the best waterproofing, check out our home chemicals for waterproofing. It is one of the best waterproofing chemicals on the market today. But how to use it? Let's see that in the next section.

There is a great need for the waterproofing of the planet. To know in detail, check out this blog on the importance of waterproofing for the terrace

Steps For New Terrace Waterproofing

  • Remove all dust, dirt, oil, grease, dirt, etc. of the slab. Remove (water) the entire seat to check for tears, cracks or leaks.

  • Crack filling with acrylic modified mortar or readily available materials

  • Making coving between floor and wall joint 1:3 ratio cement mortar with add mixtures of Dr Fixit/ fosroc/ BASF/ ,

  • Applying 2 coats of Fosroc brush bond RFX/ Dr. Fixit / BASF interval of 3-4 hrs. allow for dry for 12 hrs,

  • Pond testing for 48 hrs ( water ponding at 50mm depth).

  • Laying 50-75 mm thickness concrete 1:1.5:3 with proper slope allow for drying 6-7 hours. Mortar finishing on the screed concrete 1:3 ratio with the add mixture of Dr fixit LW/ fosroc/ BASF.

  • Water curing as per ISO standard.

Book a appointment to get proper solution for your water leakage problem, expert advice, 100% permanent solution

It is not easy for everyone to understand how waterproofing companies work. Thus, if you really want to save your terraces from any kind of heat or water damage, and provide efficient and long-lasting waterproofing, it is advisable to consult a waterproofing expert.Book an appointment with our waterproofing experts today and consult us for all your terrace waterproofing needs.

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