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Crystalline waterproofing

Updated: Jan 19

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Crystalline waterproofing:

Crystalline waterproofing is a process where the active ingredients of a crystalline product react with free lime and moisture in the concrete to form crystals in the concrete's capillary system.

The major companies that manufactures crystalline waterproofing products are PENETRON, Master Builders solutions, Sika, Pidilite and Sapron

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MasterSeal 500 by Master Builders solution (crystalline waterproofing coating):

MasterSeal 500 is a crystalline capillary waterproofing coating for concrete. It is intended for high and low quality applications of waterproof coatings. Water leakage stop, bathroom leakage stop

MasterLife 300 Series Concrete Admixtures by Master Builders solution (Crystalline Capillary Waterproofing Admixtures):

The MasterLife 300D additive is an integral crystalline capillary waterproofing additive for concrete. MasterLife 300C admixture is a concentrated version of MasterLife 300D admixture. Designed for use in high and low grade applications, MasterLife 300 series admixtures react with concrete to form insoluble crystalline hydration products in the capillary pores of the concrete. These crystalline hydration products effectively reduce the permeability of concrete and dense hairline cracks. Watch the video to see how the MasterLife 300 series works. Brick bat coba, terrace screed concrete, terrace waterproofing

PENETRON Crystalline Waterproofing:

A surface-applied, integral crystalline waterproofing material, PENETRON is used for waterproofing and chemical protection at both above and below ground level. waterproofing expert engineers.

Surface-applied integral crystalline waterproofing material PENETRON is used for waterproofing and chemical protection above and below ground level. PENETRON is applied by brush or spray to the positive or negative side of the concrete and in the presence of moisture that penetrates well into the structure. The subsequent chemical reaction fills the micro-cracks, pores and capillaries with the formation of insoluble crystals, preventing the ingress of water and water-based chemicals, even at high hydrostatic pressure. Cracks that develop throughout the lifetime of the concrete are self-healing with PENETRON, resulting in permanent protection of the concrete. Build Healerwaterproofing solution

SikaControl® WT-200 P (IN) (Water Resisting and Crystalline Waterproofing Concrete Admixture):

SikaControl® WT-200 P (IN) is a combined waterproofing and crystalline waterproofing compound used to reduce the permeability of concrete and has the ability to repair cracks.

SikaControl® WT-200 P (IN) reduces the ability of concrete to conduct water flow. It has unique active chemicals that react with moisture in concrete and with various products of the cement hydration process. As a result of this reaction, insoluble crystalline compounds are formed in the capillary system. Over time, the crystalline formations reduce the size of the capillary pores until they are completely blocked and the flow of water stops. SikaControl® WT-200 P (IN) in waterproof concrete application can result in, basement waterproofing expert, Best waterproofing service by Build Healer call us on +91 9900171657 for waterproofing expert solution

Crystalline waterproofing

Covering: Withstands positive & negative hydrostatic pressure for dual-sided waterproofing . | Penetrates concrete, seals capillaries & hairline cracks, & remains waterproof even if surfaces are damaged.


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