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Best Waterproofing Method for New Building

Updated: Sep 22, 2023


Waterproofing in Bangalore is the best solution to increase building life, Roof waterproofing is to avoid leakage, humidity and fungus formation due to water leakage. Build Healer provide terrace waterproofing solution improves the standard of your life.


  1. Surface preparation:

a. Remove the loose cement from the floor and joint between floor and parapet wall with the hammer / chisel / wire brush etc.,

b. Cutting the joint between floor and parapet wall.

c. Find the cracks on the surface, cutting the crack 2mm X 5mm (width X depth)

d. Clean the surface with jet water / air blower / brush.

2. Coving/ hunching and crack filling:

a. Making coving between the joint of floor and parapet wall and floor crack filling with polymer acrylic modified mortar / non shrink cement concrete.

b. Allow to dry for 24hrs.

a. Moisten the RCC substrate by sprinkling water.

b. Apply 2 layers of cementing waterproofing coating (highly flexible waterproof cover modified by cement -based polymer/acrylic) that takes care of the posterior layer is applied after the anterior layer is in contact with the coating literature with cementitious waterproofing. The coats must be applied at right angle to @ 2 kg/m2.

4. Screeding concrete / protective layers:

a. Apply a 50-75 mm thick protective layer consisting of 1: 2: 4: Cement concrete with integral waterproof compounds at 1-1.5 kg per cement bag where RCC has a slope to drain water.

b. Apply a 20 mm thick protective layer consisting of 1: 4 Mortar mixed with integral waterproof compounds at 300ml per cement bag. With a proper slope and rough finishing and making a 450mm x 450mm box with a 5mm tie to avoid air cracks.


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