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How to Construct Your Dream Villa in Bangalore: Villa Construction Cost

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All of us have fantasized about living in luxurious villas with floor-to-ceiling glass windows, impeccable interior designs, and lavish pools and gardens. But what exactly is a villa? A villa is considered a significant and luxurious country house.

The concept of villas originated in Rome and has now evolved into an amenity that only the wealthy can afford. Every person has their own ideas when it comes to villa design. Let's explore some of the best villa design ideas.

Best Villa Design Ideas

1. Art Deco Delight

Key features of this villa design include:

- Graphic and geometrical patterns

- Polished chrome or brass

- Timber furnishings

- Layered, airless lighting

It can be best described as a bold, artistic expression with a hint of exotic touches. Its elegance comes from its origin in Paris in 1925, showcasing the flashy display of the 1920s.

2. Bohemian Beauty

If you are fond of liberty and a carefree style, then Bohemian beauty is the best for you. Its most attractive feature is that it is purposefully messy—it is a combination of a variety of textures and materials, from natural to metallic, with warm red and purple tones embraced throughout.

3. Classical Reflections

This villa's interior design originated in Europe during the 1960s-1980s, inspired by the impressionist music, art, architecture, and literature of that time. People fond of formal styles and sophistication prefer this style, symbolizing a classic look and simplicity, with heavy drapery, gilded frames, and ornate woodwork.

4. Contemporary Cheer

The contemporary villa interior design refers to the creation of now, today, based on current trends. If you love changes and trends, this is for you, with the current trend being the simplicity of whites, greys, and blondes.

5. Elegant Country

As the name suggests, this villa design is more about calmness and follows the lifestyle and muse of the countryside. The countryside's beauty usually contributes to the villa's exterior design, but you can add that beauty to the interiors as well.

6. Hollywood Glam

This design is all about flaunting your villa's charisma, showcasing lustrous luxury paired with deluxe furnishings, elegant accents like velvets, metallics with rich colors like red, purple, and blue. Add a furry red carpet to your room, along with glittery cushions and dramatic lighting.

7. Industrial Edge

This style seems rather groovy and modern, but its essential features are rustic and sensible, built by the advantages of steel, timber, and bricks to create a twitchy living space, with unisex appeal, usually suiting larger spaces such as villas.

8. Mid-Century Modern

This villa design uses messy and fussy modern techniques combined with nostalgic elements of the 1950s and 60s, looking elegant and straightforward, with some retro fun standing out.

9. Minimalist Musings

The bachelor population prefers this modern villa design the most for its easy maintenance feature, characterized by simple furniture, a neutral color palette, and clean lines, shutting out the unmanageable clutter and defining beauty in "less."

10. Nautical Escape

Inspired by deep blues and best for seaside villas, this design complements the beauty of the beach and sea, bringing out a feeling of relaxation and joy, with rustic furniture, a blue color palette, and boating ornaments.

What are the Different Types of Villas?

1. Countryside Villa

These types of villas are constructed using basic materials such as concrete and wood, with ceilings or structures sometimes made up of palm or bamboo, and equipped with all kinds of luxuries, depending on the location. Since 2013, We Build Healer Best Construction Company has been carrying out projects.

2. Urban Villas

These types of villas are built in larger places. They are bigger than simple houses, equipped with all kinds of amenities and designed to be inhabited for short durations such as vacations or breaks, with architecture made colonial, minimalist, or royal, and rustic, Mediterranean, or colonial feels.

3. Luxury Villa

These villas shine over others due to unique and exclusive designs and facilities such as a heated pool, sauna, underground wine cellar, cinema room, and gym room in posh or privileged locations such as beaches or coastal areas.

4. Ecological villa

The villas live up to their name by maximizing sunlight and conserving energy. They are built using renewable, innovative, and environmentally integrated materials and can function independently, either partially or entirely.

Embracing modern requirements is a move towards sustainable development and represents "Comfort with Preservation."

5. Modern villas

These types of villas are generally smaller than average but still provide all the necessary amenities. They feature a modern design, suitable for compact spaces, as dictated by their usual urban locations, such as Delhi or Mumbai.

How much will it cost to build a Villa in Bangalore?

Bangalore, being a cosmopolitan city, has experienced significant growth in the real estate sector. The growth is attributed to the influx of people relocating to the city in search of better job opportunities.

The current cost of building a villa in Bangalore ranges from 1500 to 1700 per sq. ft. This cost varies based on the location of the site or the preferred villa, as well as the availability of amenities such as schools, hospitals, colleges, restaurants, and hotels in the vicinity.

Advantages and Disadvantages of owning a villa in Bangalore:


1- Diverse options

Bangalore is considered a real estate hotspot in India, offering a wide range of housing options including villas, houses, and apartments at affordable prices.

2- Cost benefits

Residing in Bangalore is more affordable compared to other cosmopolitan cities in India. It is possible to acquire a villa in Bangalore at prices lower than those of apartments in Mumbai or Delhi.

3- Luxurious amenities

Bangalore, being home to people from India and abroad, is developed to accommodate the diverse population. Villa designs often include amenities such as swimming pools, play areas, and indoor gyms, providing world-class facilities at affordable prices.


While owning a villa is a dream for many, the increasing cost of real estate presents challenges. Loans and EMIs may aid in villa construction costs but come with their own difficulties.

1- Unfavorable location

Despite the affordability of Bangalore compared to Delhi and Mumbai, the cost varies greatly within the city. Villas are mainly located in the outskirts, whereas central Bangalore features more apartments.

2- Smaller plots

Bangalore offers smaller plots for villa construction, leading to smaller villas which may not meet desired exterior and interior design expectations.

3- Lack of amenities and maintenance

Villas located far from the city may lack essential amenities, and limited social interaction due to distance can pose challenges.

Each decision has its pros and cons. Carefully considering these aspects before investing is essential. Whether you're investing in a villa or any other property, thorough understanding and evaluation is key for a successful investment. If you're looking for a reputable construction company in Bangalore for your luxury villa, consider Build Healer. They can assist you at every step of your construction and provide estimates for villa construction costs.

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