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Is Thermographic Building Inspections worth it for a home inspection?

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Thermal imaging cameras are a great tool for finding things your home inspector can't see with the naked eye. The temperature screen can detect hot or cold areas, and even pick up other values ​​behind the wall. Trained observer Build Healer uses an experienced eye to view fire images.

They will discuss the problems identified by the infrared camera. Stay tuned with Build Healer to learn more about your home. This is why a thermal home inspection is a good idea.

Benefits of Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections

Here are some ways thermal cameras can help during a home inspection:

  1. Detects moisture patterns (which can lead to mold growth)

  2. Detects heat loss

  3. Can identify pest infestation

  4. Identifies potential mold problems

  5. Identifies missing insulation

  6. Uncovers wet areas

  7. HVAC problems

  8. Electrical systems

Build Healer extended home inspection package includes fire imaging to determine your home's energy efficiency and check for air and water leaks.

How Thermographic Inspections Work?

Thermography measures surface temperature using infrared a fixed camera. In the construction industry, thermographic analysis allows energy inspectors to determine the effectiveness of the building's insulation.

How much does a thermal imaging inspection cost?

The cost of a thermal imaging inspection is included in our Extended Home Inspection and our Premium Home Inspection packages. Click here for special pricing.

Thermal cameras detect temperature differences and patterns in walls, hot spots and dry areas around can indicate the presence of water that would not be visible during a home inspection without a thermal camera. Findings like these can be an indication of a previous water problem or an immediate stoppage that should be investigated further.

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